Planning & Design

Why not allow Severn Oak to manage your planning application? After all, it could potentially lead to savings of thousands.


With our in-house architectural team, we’re poised to navigate you through the planning process, helping you circumvent common pitfalls. Moreover, we can furnish all requisite construction drawings and assemble the necessary building control specifications, ensuring compliance with the revised June 2022 building regulations. Handling this in-house empowers us to strategically optimize the scheme’s design as it evolves, leveraging our deep understanding of costs as builders. We’re also pleased to offer a comprehensive design and build package, allowing you to maximize your project’s potential while remaining budget-conscious.


Utilizing cutting-edge architectural software, we can generate 3D models of your project, granting you the ability to ‘walk through’ your design well before construction even commences.

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To discuss your building idea, please call Wil or Nicky Lloyd on 01952 590002 or fill out the enquiry form below.