Annexes and Barn/outbuilding conversions

Barn conversions have been a consistent focus for Severn Oak over the years. However, due to the continuous rise in housing costs, many of us are now exploring the potential of repurposing existing outbuildings or utilizing garden space to construct new annexes – whether for accommodating family members or creating personal retreats. Recent changes in planning laws have facilitated these types of conversions and new constructions. In recent years, we’ve developed highly cost-effective solutions for such projects.


Our ability to construct with highly insulated structural timber frame panels translates to impressive U-values for end-users, all at a reasonable price. The range of applications for these structures knows no limits among our clients: they’ve been used as homes for parents, havens for children, vacation properties, and even Airbnb listings, providing exceptional value for the investment and the potential to generate income.


If you’re curious about the possibilities, why not give us a call to learn more about what we can offer?

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